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Jan Ossenbrink
Dr.Sc. ETH Zurich | M.Sc. RWTH Aachen
Independent, globally active freelance consultant


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Clean Energy 101

I help decision makers and their teams stay on top of the emerging clean energy universe by abstracting from the noise of daily news and providing insights of key relevance e.g. by preparing executive briefs, delivering presentations, or organizing workshops.

Strategy advisory

I help business leaders tailor an approach that allows them to leverage the capabilities of their organization in the clean energy market, e.g. by developing a business plan, conducting competitive analyses and industry benchmarking, or compiling market and profit pool estimates.

Policy advisory

I support the effort of government agencies and regulatory bodies who seek to leverage clean energy systems for their village, district, city, country, or region, e.g. by mapping the current mix of policies, collecting best practices from other regions, or estimating the impact of specific policy changes.

I also consult business leaders seeking to understand how future policies and regulatory frameworks affect their activities.

Financial advisory

Most investments in the domain of clean energy (e.g. R&D, new ventures, infrastructure projects) are very capital intensive and hence have a significant impact on corporate and public budgets. I support investors, business leaders, governments, and international institutions by rendering sound economic assessments, e.g. through scenario analyses, due diligence, or fit-to-purpose techno-economic tools, which enable them to manage the risks and returns under uncertainty.



  • I support incumbent energy firms in redefining their business model in context of the global and local energy transition

  • I encourage new entrants from e.g. the IT, transport, and building sectors bring their core capabilities to the energy sector

  • I help investors and financial institutions identify and evaluate the most promising opportunities in clean energy

  • I enable startups to bring innovative solutions to the energy space

  • I support government entities, IGOs, and NGOs in setting clear goals and implementing consistent policy instruments that spur the transition towards clean energy

  • Clients may come from local (e.g. city), the national (e.g. federal ministry) or the ​international level (e.g. multilateral development banks)



Developing a strategy for a large Swiss utility firm in the domain of distributed energy

Supporting a large Swiss insurance company in developing and launching a PV+battery product

Preparing renewable energy interventions for several different UN refugee camps in Rwanda

Crafting business case for Swiss startup working on breakthrough geothermal power technology

Monitoring the power sector reform in Jordan and suggesting measures to track progress

Comparing the financial performance of electric utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa



Thanks to the great effort of Jan, we were able to realize in short term a solid national market analysis and sales estimate concerning integrated energy systems.

This served as a basis for setting up the company’s business case and providing decision memos for the management board.

It was delightful to work with Jan since he is very reliable, has strong strategic skills and passionate to bring financial and sustainable clean energy solutions to the market.

Project Lead Smart Solutions
One of the largest Electric Utilities in Switzerland

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